If I were to write a thousand pages of my own commentaries on the Bible, I couldn’t explain my “ah-hah!” moments in their entirety. They are the moments that make personal the Word of God becoming internalized in the heart. I put away the theological commentaries a few years back to study the actual known Hebrew words in the Old Testament.  The “ah-hah!” moments increased with the depth of the meaning of the words. Hebrew words are like trees beginning at the root meanings and branching out from those roots to form related words.  The related words are constructed functions of the root.


   I strive daily to understand how the Torah is filled up with the Gospel of the Kingdom. Since the Torah is the Law and the Law is the Word, the Gospels hold the weightier matters that fill up the Law. I’m no theology student or a college grad. I’ve just spent the last 20 years of my life striving to understand the Word of God. Just in the last five years, I discovered the Hebrew (including paleo- and picto-Hebrew) language of the Tanakh from web sources that I’ll list another time. In addition, I refrain from searching for the doctrine of men, but I’m always willing to test beliefs presented to me in the manner prescribed by the law in Isaiah 8:20.

Isa 8:20 NKJV – To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.


     I was once told that the Old Testament of the Bible was for the Jews and not applicable for Christians, so I searched out the validity of that statement. What I uncovered was that without the Old Testament, the New Testament is like a boneless chicken. You can place a boneless chicken on a fence but it won’t stand up. Have you ever seen a boneless chicken ranch? (This started a long string of laughter for me when someone showed me a picture of a boneless chicken ranch!) Chickens are chickens because they have bones (structure) to support the body. The body fills up the bones and makes the chicken complete. The Old Testament forms the structure of the Word and is the beginning in wisdom and in understanding to return home. The counsel of Yahshua in the New Testament expounds upon or fills up the Old Testament to bring the Torah to our hearts giving us the power to enter the Kingdom of God.


   My study notes are mostly just the Word of God—nothing fancy. Whether anyone else believes them to be the Word of God is up to them. I believe the Son of man is Yahshua (aka Jesus) for reasons I’ll get to sooner or later. My notes are my tithe as best as I am able to contribute to the storehouse of the harvest. Sometimes my posts will be only a few verses with emphasis, and other times I may have verses with questions or notes to self.

     I have collected texts that are of familiar theme and highlight what I see as contributing to the overall concept of those texts. Most times I highlight in various colours because it helps my mental retention. Enlarging some texts and indenting others is another technique that helps me “see”.   In other words, I perceive a multifaceted diamond fitted from the texts. The more gems I find, the more I can put into practice.

     Eating and drinking are important concepts of the Word. A thousand pages of my words may leave you hungry and thirsty (and tired), but all the words of God can fill you up.

  – Patricia


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