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Atheists ridicule the Christian god as a god of their own design so I questioned  if the god that the religion of Christianity reverences is really the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob from the torah. The torah (or teaching) contains the higher language of functions for reasoning, many times by using names of people and locations.


The description of a god on the mountaintop tossing thunderbolts and threatening us with eternal torture I disregarded as irresponsible long ago but today I can navigate where and how to walk home, to the Father. That walk is not in a church or synagogue or public schoolroom but, instead, starts in the heart when the words are planted and proceeds outward and upward when the rain falls. Realizing that the prodigal child will go home when tired of eating pig slop helps me to understand my own heartache and the heartache in those I love. I hated pig slop as well…I just didn’t realize there was good food to eat instead for many years. And besides, slop was all that was being served from the troughs at feeding time.  Finding the road to go home to feast on the good bread of Life took me a while. I have no desire go back. I still choose Life every day.


Creating a misrepresentation of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and then attacking that god is creating a logical fallacy by “Setting Up a Strawman”.

Put a separation or a difference between light and darkness… between clean and unclean (polluted).

Between life and death… choose life.